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Meeting Documents


Wednesday 8th May 2024 - Agenda

Wednesday 31st January - Agenda

Wednesday 27th March -  Minutes


Wednesday 8th November - draft minutes

Wednesday 20th September - Agenda 

Wednesday 12th July   Agenda    Minutes

Wednesday 24th May 2023 Agenda   Minutes

Tuesday 14th March 2023 Agenda  Minutes

Monday 6th March 2023 APM   Agenda   DRAFT Minutes - POSTPONED
Monday 9th January 2023    Agenda   DRAFT Minutes


Monday 7th November 2022    Agenda   Minutes

Friday 23rd September 2022    Agenda    Minutes

Monday 5th September 2022   Agenda    Minutes

Monday 22nd August 2022     Agenda    Minutes

Monday 4th July 2022             Agenda    Minutes

Monday 9th May 2022            Agenda    Minutes

Monday 17th January 2022     Agenda    Minutes


Monday 8th November 2021   Agenda    Minutes

Monday 13th September 2021 Agenda    Minutes

Monday 5th July 2021             Agenda    Minutes

Monday 10th May 2021          Agenda    Minutes    (Parish Council Meeting)

Monday 10th May 2021          Agenda    Minutes    (Annual Parish Meeting)

Monday 8th March 2021         Agenda    Minutes

Monday 11th January 2021     Agenda    Minutes

For Minutes prior to 2021 please contact the clerk


Reports from County and District Councillors

November 2022     District Councillor      County Councillor

December 2022     District Councillor      County Councillor

January 2023        District Councillor      County Councillor

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